Tuesday, October 09, 2007

'Freelance' Reform of the Reform 'scouts' requested for NLM

There is definitely an interest out there on the part of a portion of our readership in seeing more reform of the reform stories and the NLM is certainly more than happy to oblige as we are tied to no one particular cause, but rather the general cause of good liturgics within the Church, through its various legitimate expressions.

We do need your help however. In addition to our classical liturgical stories and events (which we also will continue to provide of course; so please, keep sending those in as well folks), not to mention our stories on other liturgical rites and uses (continue to send those in as well), the NLM requests your assistance in finding (or even better, writing) articles, events, developing or pointing to photo-posts, YouTube videos and the like about the reform of the reform. This will help us bring more such stories and events to you in addition to what we already offer.

I. Flagship Reform of the Reform Parishes

In particular, I would very much like to encourage any NLM readers who frequent or even only occasionally make it to the following places to submit us pieces related to the liturgical, artistic and intellectual life of the following excellent churches:

The Toronto Oratory
The London Oratory
The Birmingham Oratory
The Oxford Oratory
St. Agnes, in St. Paul, MN.
St. John Cantius, Chicago
Church of our Saviour, New York

(Please ensure, if you do, that you have the parish priest's permission for any photos or video. The NLM wishes to maintain solid and good relations with all of these churches.)

I would be more than delighted to receive photos, video, or stories about these wonderful churches. (Do note, pictures/video are most welcome and I think, very important.)

While we are at it, I would also be interested in more submissions from the flagship 'Anglican Use' parishes in all the same sorts of ways.

II. Practically Re-Enchanting the Liturgy

In addition, it would be helpful if parish priests (in particular, though not necessarily exclusively) would submit pieces about implementing the reform of the reform in significant ways in your parishes. What were your goals, your strategies, how were they received, "lessons learned" and so forth. In particular we would like stories on the re-enchantment of your parish architecture, ceremonial, the re-introduction of ad orientem, the re-introduction of chant and polyphony, Latin and so forth. Perhaps this is tied to implementing Summorum Pontificum as well in your parish, or perhaps it is not. Whatever the case, tell us about it. This might help provide other priests with ideas and strategies for re-enchanting their parish liturgies.

III. The Academic Foundations of the Reform of the Reform

Welcome as well would be the submission of original pieces examining the deeper, longer term aspects of the reform of the reform.

I can think of no better day than when we have posts on sacred music, sacred architecture, an article on one of the non-Roman Western rites and news/photos/articles about the classical liturgy and the reform of the reform. Diverse and yet very unified in purpose and spirit.

If you think you can help on a regular basis as regards the parishes above, please contact me. Otherwise, feel free to keep this information in the back of your mind and submit such to me as you can.

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