Monday, October 08, 2007

British Priests: Your Assistance?

Just a quick note to any of our British clergy who read this site.

The revised Ordo Missae that was put out around 1964/65, prior to the Pauline missal used on altars today (often referred to, though incorrectly, as "the 1965 Missal") resulted in the United States and Canada in a printed edition that could be used on the altar. I am presuming the Bishops of England and Wales printed something similiar.

I have a copy of the American and Canadian editions of this revision of the Ordo Missae and I should like to find a copy of the U.K. edition of the same.

To that end, if any of our British readership, particularly any priests, have a copy of this around that I might acquire, I'd be appreciative if they would email me.

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