Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Redemptoris Mater Chapel; a barometer of the liturgical shift?

Over at The Shrine of the Holy Whapping they noted an interesting story about the Redemptoris Mater Chapel in the Vatican.

This was begun under Benedict XVI's predecessor, John Paul II, and the chapel was given a glimpse as follows:

However, what is interesting is how this has taken shape under Benedict XVI in the here and now. A more recent image, from only a few days ago, shows the following altar arrangement

Please note: the altar is setup for ad orientem celebration of the sacred liturgy. Six traditional candlesticks dress the altar, and yes, there is a tabernacle in the centre on the altar as well.

I believe this should also serve as a sober reminder that even when one might be tempted to think that things are not going on to help the liturgy, or that the Holy Father is not implementing his liturgical vision as expressed as a Cardinal, it may well be that he is in fact doing so quietly behind the scenes and without the fanfare, of which we get but glimpses now and again.

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