Sunday, March 25, 2007

San Gregorio dei Muratori

My favorite church in Rome is also one of the smallest, the delightful, shabbily beautiful Baroque hole-in-the that is the home to the local F.S.S.P. parish. The liturgies are all a bit of a squeeze, but are well-conducted and the small size of the place gives masses high or low a powerful intimacy I have seen scarcely anywhere else in any rite, and that's saying a lot in Rome.

It appears that they've also finally entered cyberspace with their own blog, F.S.S.P. in Vrbe, which pleases us immensely. What follows are a few of the more POD photos they've posted of the doings in this noble, if rather minute, chapel. I look forward to many more.

Requiem for a fellow priest, with a most noble and yet affectingly humble catafalque.


New Year's Day Benediction.

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