Wednesday, March 14, 2007

More on the treasure that is the Ambrosian rite

URBVS CATHOLICVS continues to provide pictures from the Ambrosian rite liturgy and some of that which surrounds it.

For example, the apparelled alb used:

As seen here in use during the rite of Asperges:

The pectoral cross which the Canons of the Cathedral of Milan have the privilege to wear:

The missal:

Ambrosian chant:

(I must find myself a copy of that book...)

And still more pictures of the Mass are available:

Please note, if you visit the blog itself, you can click on the pictures to get very large scale versions.

Who amongst our readership here does not feel some sorrow at the (near) loss of these beautiful expressions of the historical liturgical diversity of the Latin rite?

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