Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Deep Study of Chant

If you are coming to the Sacred Music Colloquium but would like more extensive training, you can stay over from June 25 to July 13, 2007, to take the long-established Gregorian Chant Practicum at The Catholic University of America, as taught by Professor Scott Turkington. The course is designed for those wishing to learn the Solesmes Method well but also for those who come to Gregorian chant for the first time (but otherwise have the ability to sing).

The text is the excellent Gregorian Chant Practicum, by Theodore Marier. Turkington is his student. This intensive 3-week, 3-hour-a-day course will secure your ability for a lifetime of singing chant. The course may be taken on a non-credit basis for $500.00 or for three graduate credits for $2100.00. For more information, or to register, write Professor Turkington.

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