Thursday, March 29, 2007

Lenten Array at St Birinus', Dorchester

As promised, more photos from St Birinus' Catholic church in Dorchester-on-Thames have been posted. The church has been beautified even more by the addition of ecclesiastical heraldry on the Rood Screen. This is still incomplete as the screen has yet to be fully gilded and polychromed and the Rood is currently being painted, hence it is not in situ. A rail will also be installed for the houseling cloth.

Rood Screen

One reason for my visit, of course, was to see the Lenten array:

St Birinus Lenten Array

Lenten Array at St Birinus

And there is a simpler set in Father's domestic chapel:

Lenten Array at Dorchester

Do look at the whole set here for more of this lovely liturgical gem and its ecclesiastical art in Oxfordshire.

Sanctuary lamp & chancel ceiling

Long may the sanctuary lamp burn in this church and may it be the locus of a new liturgical movement in Mary's Dowry!

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