Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Catholic Illustrators' Guild

I recently received a very kind invitation from Theodore over at Small Pax to post my work periodically on the group blog he shares with a raft of other illustrators and writers, including author Regina Doman. It's a real honor! While it's tough keeping up with several blogs at once, I certainly sketch enough--I actually find coming up with a finished sketch much easier than writing a full-fledged blog entry--and Theodore has told me I'm free to pop in whenever I have a second--even if those seconds are rather widely spaced apart. Have a look at my first post when you have a chance--not much, but there is a very fine illustration of St. Irene of Chalcedon, in the line-art style of an old missal, there I don't think I've ever presented here or elsewhere in the blogosphere.

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