Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Apostolic Exhortation (Sacramentum Caritatis) to be released one week from today

Thanks to Amy Welborn for digging up this little tidbit: Vatican News Bulletin (in Italian)

A news conference is being held on Tuesday, the 13th of March at 11:30am, where there will be a press conference on the presentation of the post-synodal apostolic exhortation of Pope Benedict, Sacramentum Caritatis -- on the Eucharist as the apex and source of the life and mission of the Church.

It sounds as though the actual document, Sacramentum Caritatis will be released at noon (Roman time -- 6:00am EST), one week from today, Tues. March 13th. It will be immediately available in Italian, French, English, German, Spanish and Portugese.

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