Wednesday, November 01, 2006


The NLM's "Practicum" page is in development and on the way!

Parish priests in particular, but others as well involved in liturgical roles, identify the need for practical suggestions and resources for "re-enchanting the liturgy" in their parishes.

My goal with this sub-section of the NLM (it will be its own webpage) will be to tie into things such as the NLM Liturgical Catecheses Series ("the pamphlet project") where they will be downloadable, but also to tie into other resources, both free and for sale, that will be useful in a parish wishing to implement a reform of the reform, or for classical rite groups who need resources to help improve the quality of their liturgies in the vein of the Sung or High Mass tradition.

It might help expedite matters if anyone can identify the following, both that are freely available online or which available for sale and notable for their quality.

1) Patterns for Altar-Frontals
2) Patterns for Vestments
3) Addresses/URL's for stores/individuals selling traditional liturgical textiles (fabrics, trims, etc) such as LaLame in New York for example
4) Quality second-hand vesture, liturgical books, sanctuary ornaments at reasonable prices -- preferably run as an apostolate to help reclaim these items to liturgical use
5) Training guides for learning the 1962 Missale (other than the Most Beautiful Thing This Side of Heaven)
6) Training (online and book format) guides for altar servers (old and new rite)
7) Online training guides of Liturgical Latin

Please email me if you think there are any such resources that are worthwhile to include.

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