Friday, November 17, 2006

Priest and Pirate

Fr. Zuhlsdorf has reprinted his translation of and commentary on an editorial on the ad orientem issue that appeared in Notitiae 332, Vol. 29, No. 5, May 1993, pp. 245-249.

"The editorial was 'pirated' some years ago and put on line in various places without the permission of Sacred Music... So, I feel entirely free to pirate it right back since I wrote it."

Great! Let me state for the record--and NLM is the record after all--that I am entirely pro-pirate. It means getting the word out as far and wide as possible. If someone wants to put up editorials from Sacred Music on billboards along the interstate highway system, that would be great. Full page ads in the New York Times with reflections by authors in Sacred Music? Please help yourself. Photocopy a million versions of my piece on the St. Louis Jesuits and drop the copies from helicopters in the vicinity of Catholic schools of music? Sure! Here is a piece by William Mahrt that is just begging to be pirated and put on windshields of cars parked at the USCCB.

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