Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Bishops to Regulate Alternatives to the Proper Chants

Amy Welborn has a good conversation going on, which already involves a number of regular comboxers from NLM, about the USCCB debate over the texts of the "other suitable songs" which replace the proper chants of the Mass in most parishes.

Bishop Allen Vigneron of Oakland, CA, a strong defender of sacred music by all accounts, sensibly proposed a central conformity review process, which was rejected both by Bishop Donald Trautman of Erie, chairman of the liturgy committee, and by voice vote as well.

I don't mean to be a wet blanket, but I have little hope for this whole process. My understanding is that this process will establish a core repertoire. But I haven't heard how a core repertoire will prevent "fringe" repertoire with heretical lyrics.

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