Tuesday, November 14, 2006

On the work of Pugin and the Camden Society

Some here may be interested in the November/December 2006 edition of the Saint Austin Review.

In this edition there are some interesting pieces on the Catholic revival in the Victorian era. Included as well are two articles on the Pugins, one an essay-review by myself which looks at his True Principles and Contrasts (and speaks of a finely bound reprint of these works from Spire Books) and the other the Cambridge Camden Society.

Here's just a sampling of some of the contents in this current issue:

John Henry Newman & the Chellange to Evangelical Religion
Peter B. Nockles

Augustus Pugin: Reviving the Gothic
Shawn Tribe

Augustin Pugin: Architect of the Catholic Revival
Francis X. Altiere

The A Second Springtime: The Catholic Renaissance in Victorian England
Robert Carballo

Unfortunately none of these particular articles are available to read online, but you might wish to consider finding a copy, or purchasing one if these are the sorts of topics that interest you. The Saint Austin Review is a wonderful and rich periodical.

(Cover of Spire Books reprint of Pugin's Contrasts and True Principles)

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