Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Motu Proprio

The news is going out from Le Forum Catholique and Rorate Caeli that Sophie de Ravinel at Le Figaro is reporting the following re: the Motu Proprio:

Cardinal Jean-Pierre Ricard is about to leave for Rome to rework, with several other cardinals, the first draft of the text relating to the liberalization of the Tridentine Mass in Latin. It is at the request of Benedict XVI that Members of the Commission Ecclesia Dei - to which the Archbishop of Bordeaux belongs - will take up this dossier until now confided to Cardinal Castrillon Hoyos only, president of this commission charged with the responsibility for the traditionalists and Lefebvrists. No deadline has been set. After Lourdes where the bishops of France met in conference until Thursday, Cardinal Jean-Pierre Ricard explained yesterday that, concerning this file, "the first concern of the Pope is to restart join the dialogue with the SSPX. However, continued Msgr. Ricard, "Msgr. Bernard Fellay, the superior of the SSPX laid down two conditions for a resumption of this dialogue: to widen the possibility of celebrating the Mass of Saint Pius V and to lift the excommunications of the four bishops", consecrated by Msgr. Lefebvre. The president of the Conference of the bishops specified that "all the bishops of France join the concern of the Pope for this unity. And with him we ask ourselves the question to find out how to allow a broader use of the Tridentine Rite without calling into question the unity of the Church or the authority of the bishops."

[It's worth noting that this report contradicts a former report which suggested the Motu Proprio was in "third draft".]

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