Thursday, November 16, 2006

NLM Designs: does your parish, Order, or Catholic apostolate need a website designed?

I wanted to introduce a service that is directed toward some of our readership, but in particular parishes, religious orders, and those with apostolates.

Web presence today can be quite important it goes without saying. One of my great interests in life has always been the fine arts, and in particular the visual arts. With the times, this evolved as well into an interest in web design.

Beauty in web design is as an important an aspect to a website as content and functionality. This is fundamental to my philosophy in web design.

Therefore, if there are parishes, orders or other Catholic organizations out there (who operate in union with the Magisterium) who would like to contract out my web design services to modify their existing website, or create an entirely new one, please feel free to contact me and we can discuss the cost that would be involved -- which can vary depending up the scope and complexity of the project.

To give you an example of three designs I have done, here are three images:

CIEL Canada

St. Philip's Parish

London Tridentine Mass Community

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