Friday, November 03, 2006

Motu Proprio rumours about Saturday: Some thoughts

There has been a rumour going about the internet about the possible Tridentine-liberalization Motu Proprio being released tomorrow (Saturday).

I've been asked about this rumour and my own take on it. Since there seems to be a mini "buzz" growing about it, I thought I should say something.

My response to this rumour is: I have no information from any of my own sources who have connections about this date, or any specific date whatsoever. It could be tomorrow, it could be some other day, some other month no less.

From whence this rumour of Saturday started, I do not know, but no one I speak to knows of it. From what I can see, the Saturday prediction seems to be based upon the fact that there will be a Mass at the Vatican tomorrow that isn't normally scheduled, though if that is the only reason for this date, then it is fairly speculative. At this point, so far as I can personally tell, this rumoured date is very much as subjective as the previously rumoured date of Holy Thursday, which likewise did not come through the normal Roman rumour channels. Though I could quite easily be wrong of course.

But if asked my personal take, I myself consider this date as likely or unlikely as any other day of the month. (And the French interventions must be taken seriously as something that has the potential to delay release until Benedict feels they have been responded to adequately.)

My sense is that no one really knows "when".

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