Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The NLM Needs You! Help Advance CIEL in the English Speaking World

I've mentioned CIEL's upcoming Oxford conference; an important milestone, being the first major colloquium of CIEL to be hosted in the English speaking world, and thus having papers presented in the English language. I cannot stress how important this is for the work of CIEL in the English speaking world, and North America in particular where we are much more unilingual as a general rule.

I am endeavouring to promote the work of CIEL generally, and the upcoming Oxford conference in particular. I cannot do this alone and so I am asking for your help since fostering the new liturgical movement is a project dear to us all.

(Sheldonian Theatre, Oxford. One of the Conference venues)

Who can help?

Priests, particularly classical rite parishes, and parishes where there is a spirit of the reform of the reform

Members of the parishes such as those above


Catholic news services

Webmasters of Catholic related websites

Generally interested individuals

How can you help?

By reposting NLM pieces about CIEL on your own blogs or websites, or by linking to them or writing your own.

By promoting the CIEL and the Oxford colloquium at your parish, and specifically to those whom you think would be interested.

By emailing the information packet I have to friends and colleagues, inviting them to do the same in addition.

By posting an CIEL Oxford ad banner/box on your blog or site or in your periodical.

Methods of Promotion

Websites and Blogs: I have created ad banners/boxes that could be posted on websites or blogs that link back to the CIEL 2006 site, if you're interested in putting such a thing up, email me.

Email or Printed: If you're interested in promotional materials that can be emailed to you to either forward in email, or to be printed off and posted in parishes, etc. please email me.

If there are any other ways you'd like to help or think you can, please contact me.

Concluding Thoughts

If you are interested in, yourself, going to the CIEL conference in Oxford and want more details, email me.

Let's spread the word about Oxford and about CIEL. We not only want people to go to the Oxford colloquium and make for a big North American presence, we want people to get to know the work of CIEL and its papers as well.

Let's help our Holy Father, Benedict, in his project to re-enchant the sacred liturgy, by means of CIEL, an organization which he has been very aware and supportive of through the years.

Who's in?

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