Monday, June 05, 2006

More on Catholic Oxford

There was some interest on the blog about "Catholic Oxford", and specifically as relates to the classical Roman liturgy.

Some may be interested to know that the Oxford Latin Mass Society representative now has a blog: Oxford LMS Representative

And of course, if you also want to see information pertaining to Catholic Oxford, check out the website of the Oxford Oratory (which is in my list of links).

There are some interesting links on the Oxford LMS rep. site, include this link to Fr. John Saward's parish of Sts. Gregory and Augustine. (Readers may recall that Fr. Saward wrote the book, The Beauty of Holiness and the Holiness of Beauty published by Ignatius Press.)

Of course, to really see Catholic Oxford in action, I'd recommend you go to the CIEL 2006 conference this September.

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