Monday, June 19, 2006

CIEL 2006 Fundraising Update

Some good news here, but first an update for newer readers.

Some of you may have noticed that a number of weeks I go I put, at the very top corner in the right hand column, an "NLM 2006 Fundraising Goal" status monitor.

As many of you know, I've been appealing for donations from interested organizations and generous lay Catholics out there for any help that I might be able to attend the very first International Colloquium of CIEL in the English speaking world, to be held in Oxford University this September.

CIEL Canada and CIEL in General: A New Era in the English Speaking World?

Many of you know that I am the delegate for CIEL in Canada, and have been attempting to help raise the profile of the work of CIEL through articles, sites like the NLM and so forth. The work of CIEL is, in my opinion, amongst the most important liturgical work out there today. It is scholarly, non-polemical, and useful to not only the classical rite communities, but also to the reform of the reform.

A major part of its work is to send its research to the bishops of the world, and also get these materials into the hands of various theological libraries and young priests and seminarians. That also makes its work not merely academic, but also apostolic.

For my part, I see a new era dawning for CIEL in the English speaking world, what-with the upcoming English-speaking conference, and I wish to devote my energies to it so that we might see the influence and awareness of CIEL established in North America to an even greater extent.

Building Bridges: Developing Coalitions and Alliances

Conferences such as these provide great opportunities for networking and for building up the new liturgical movement (the movement proper, not just the blog). Thus, experience has shown me that attendance at this conference would be invaluable in helping this process along, as well as building up a greater coalition between the various CIEL delegations in the English speaking world, and additionally with other liturgical organizations concerned with the liturgical tradition of the Roman rite. The effect will be to create greater mutual cooperation and hence, as well, greater fruits.

The Good News

Originally I needed to raise $2000 USD in order to attend this colloquium. Progress has been made due to the generosity of certain people and this goal is now down to $1350.00! Deo gratias!

Now $1350.00 is still a lot of money to fundraise, and in little time to fundraise for it, so I still am out there looking for your help, either directly or indirectly.

To Individuals

If you personally would like to donate toward the cause of CIEL, its promotion and expansion, no matter how much or how little, or if you know of individuals or organizations who might offer such financial assistance, please let me know, or please direct them to me.

To Editors of Catholic Periodicals or News sites

If you are an editor of a Catholic periodical or news site and you would like to sponsor specialized coverage of this event, then consider sending me on behalf of your journal or news site to cover and report on the conferences, conference liturgies, etc.

(Merton College, Oxford. Location of 2006 CIEL Conference)

Please keep this intention, and that of CIEL and the upcoming conference in your prayers.

As an aside from this continuing fundraising appeal, I am going to being exerting some effort to promote the upcoming CIEL conference and CIEL generally in the near future, so you shall likely hear more about this conference and CIEL, but not from the fundraising side of things.

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