Thursday, June 22, 2006

Brand new, traditional vestments and liturgical items

As the new liturgical movement moves forward with the passing weeks and years, there is of course a great sense of the re-discovery of the place of beauty within divine worship. There is also a great rediscovery of traditional devotional practices such as Corpus Christi processions and so forth.

With this re-discovery of tradition and re-enchantment of the liturgical and devotional life of the Latin rite, needs for appropriate liturgical vestments and items are sure to follow.

For far too long, this had relied on piecing together old sets, or restoring old vestments that sat in disuse for 50 years or more. This is a worthwhile task, but it is also worthwhile to know that re-enchanting the liturgy in a parish need not entail becoming the sacristy equivalent of an antique hunter!

I wanted to highlight who are in the business of producing fine traditional vestments and liturgical articles.

This includes not only vestments in the gothic and Roman styles, but also Corpus Christi canopies and canopy poles, copes, solemn high Mass sets (which could equally be used in the classical as well as modern Roman rite), altar cards, altar linens, etc.

In short, everything a classical rite parish, or a parish "reforming the reform" could want or need.

For those that still prefer antique, you'll be pleased to know she has a selection of antique vestments for sale as well.

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