Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Update: its getting quite hot in here now... [maybe]

[Update: Just my personal opinion, but I think the statement below is likely made in mind of the very same information we've all been ruminating over this past week. I spoke with someone who might have had some kind of "early scoop" but they, like us, seem to be eagerly awaiting.]

Got another little tidbit which a reader pointed out to our good friends, our fellows in watching these rumours as closely as possible. The website of the FSSP parish in Melbourne, Australia, has published the following:

"It now appears certain that the Holy Father has signed a significant document on the Sacred Liturgy, and on the classical Latin liturgy in particular. We will let you know as soon as further details are to hand." [emphasis mine]

It is hard to tell for certain if this is "new" or different from what we are already hearing. However, use of the word "certain" is, again, making things all the more concrete.

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