Saturday, April 01, 2006

Classical Roman Liturgy Freed? Watch for updates

With each day that goes past, leading up to this Friday, April 7th (a day to watch out for) there is an anticipation in the air to see if the rumours are true. This has been reflected in the number of "hits" to the NLM since Friday when the rumour broke that our Holy Father may have determined, a possibly even already decreed, to "free" the Tridentine liturgical books as some have expected he might.

The NLM intends to keep you abreast of any developments that may pertain to this rumour. So keep an eye out here and elsewhere. If anyone gets any leads please email them to me.

Coming tomorrow from the Italian source, Archivum Liturgicum, an article by those bloggers on the possible liturgical differences becoming manifest between Archbishop Marini (the Papal Master of Ceremonies) and Pope Benedict XVI. It's a long piece, and one of the NLM readers has been kind enough to undertake a translation.

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