Thursday, April 27, 2006

New book shows Pope's concerns for liturgy

Rome, Apr. 27 ( - The Italian publication of a book on the liturgy, with a preface by Pope Benedict XVI (bio - news), is calling fresh attention to the Pope's interest in liturgical reform, and particularly in recovering the elements of the traditional Latin liturgy.

The Italian publisher Cantagalli held a public presentation on April 27 to introduce Rivolti al Signore, a book written in 2003 by Father Uwe Michael Lang, with a preface by then-Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger. In the book, Father Lang argues in favor of celebrating Mass ad orientem-- that is, with the priest and the congregation facing in the same direction. Rivolti al Signore appeared in English as Turning Towards the Lord, published by Ignatius Press in 2004.

Original Story: Catholic World News : New book shows Pope's concerns for liturgy

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