Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Re-examine Vatican II, SSPX leader urges

Apr. 26 ( - The head of the traditionalist Society of St. Pius X has pressed his case for a re-examination of Vatican II teachings, in an interview with the French magazine Famille Chrétienne.

Bishop Bernard Fellay told the French publication that he retained his hope that Pope Benedict XVI (bio - news) will allow broader use of the old Latin Mass. "Opening the doors to the old liturgy would probably be the most fruitful way to resolve the crisis in the Church," he said.

The leader of the SSPX, which broke from Rome in 1988, said that he would be slow to form a firm opinion about the leadership of Pope Benedict XVI. "We need action," he said; "words are not the important thing."

Bishop Fellay told Famille Chrétienne that although he and the Pope found a good deal of common ground for discussion, they continue to take very different views regarding Vatican II. While acknowledging that Pope Benedict has said that the Council teachings must be interpreted in the light of Catholic tradition, the bishop said that he would go further. "We propose to get beyond the Council," he said, "looking higher, toward principles that cannot become outdated because they are eternal."

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