Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Catholic World News : Tradition is focus for papal audience

The same story mentioned above is available in a different report atCatholic World News under the title: Tradition is focus for papal audience.

Here is part of their text:

Tradition is focus for papal audience

Vatican, Apr. 26 ( - Pope Benedict XVI (bio - news) offered a brief explanation for the authority of tradition in the Church, at his regular weekly public audience on April 26.

Speaking to a large crowd of about 50,000 people in St. Peter's Square, the Pope said that tradition is "not just a material transmission" of ideas passed down from the apostles, but "the permanent presence of the Savior," who continues to guide the Church through the power of the Holy Spirit.

[Comment: It is good to see tradition spoken of. I hope and pray that, besides its general importance which the Holy Father would speak of anyway, that this is also potentially in preparation for the restoration and revival of liturgical tradition, as relates to both the reform of the reform and the classical liturgy.]

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