Monday, April 17, 2006

Another vote for the universal indult rumours having grounds and basis

I haven't any new information to provide you at present on the possible universal indult. However, with speculation out there on the part of a few that this was all a "smoke and mirrors" act, I wanted to share with NLM readers something that may be of encouragement -- and which is contrary to the skepticism that some have expressed.

Mr Philip Lawler, the editor of Catholic World News, and I have been speaking recently. It is his impression, and also that of his best sources in Rome and elsewhere, that, based upon the evidence we do have and informed speculation, some kind of important liturgical document pertaining to the classical rite is likely in the works, and they continue to believe and expect something will be issued "soon" -- "soon" being open to interpretation of course.

In short, the speculation is not baseless in their opinion either.

I just wanted to share that with the NLM readership.

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