Friday, April 07, 2006

Here we go... the first rumours about the rumours.

Alright... here we go. As you know, today is the day for the interdicasterial meeting of the Pope and his curial heads, where it is rumoured the Tridentine rite, the Mass of St. Pius V, the traditional Latin Mass, the classical Roman liturgy -- whatever you wish to call it -- will be somehow "liberalized". Here are the first rumours about those rumours:

Argent by the Tiber is reporting the following:

According to Radio Vatican the Holy Father will promulgate a 'motu proprio' liberalizing the Mass of St. Pius V. Time to tune in to Radio Vaticana.

A French blogger is reporting:

Benoît XVI et la messe saint Pie V

D'après Radio Vatican en italien, le Saint Père convoquerait très rapidement une nouvelle fois le dicastère. Il serait sur le point de promulguer un motu proprio ("acte législatif pris et promulgué par le Souverain Pontife") pour "libéraliser la messe selon le rite de saint Pie V".

A rough translation of which would be:

According to the Italian Vatican Radio operator, the Holy Father will very quickly convene again the dicastery. The purpose would be to promulgate a Motu Proprio ("legislative act taken and promulgated by Sovereign pontiff") "to liberalize the Mass according to the Rite of Saint Pius V".

We continue to wait to see if we get any kind of official word today if this is the case and the details of it, or at least a more official source for a rumour -- I imagine we are less likely to get the former today, right on the heels of their meeting, and more likely to get some more rumours. So be patient.

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