Monday, April 03, 2006

"Something has occurred." The countdown begins.

The flurry of anticipation about the possible "freeing" of the classical Roman liturgy by Pope Benedict (pictured to the right as Cardinal) has switched into a kind of calm, but nevertheless, un-dulled anticipation as we wait for this remainder of this week to go by to see if there will be any kind of announcement coming out of the Friday meeting. (Though, let's not forget, just because the meeting is on Friday, doesn't mean we in the public square will necessarily hear the results/actions which come to light during that meeting right on that day.)

As a couple blogs* (see below) are also reporting, we know little more than what has already been said. However, one apparent "source" for this information would only say that he believes "something has occurred."

If such freedom comes to pass this week, this course, recently launched by the Latin Mass society and offered to non-Tridentine familiar priests could become a lot more popular.

*Whispers in the Loggia

*Rorate Caeli

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