Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Call to Prayer

As we prepare to enter into the holiest of holy seasons, the Easter Triduum, and as we wait in anticipation on news pertaining to the sacred liturgy of the Roman church, the classical and the reform of the reform, let us pray. Let us pray that both of these initiatives, whether we find our home more in one than the other, or whether we find ourselves home in both, would be spurred on and advanced in leaps and bounds by our Holy Father, and by all of our shepherds and pastors, and that a new openness will pervade. Let us pray that a motu proprio will be issued soon and that from it many graces will flow and the Roman liturgy would be truly renewed and restored, celebrated with excellence and reverence, and that our venerable and ancient traditions, our inheritance and heritage, would again be given pride of place in our parishes and celebrated with vigour and excellence.

Let us pray that, after this Triduum, we might be set on the path where we might again see routinely liturgies with beauty, reverence as dignity such as this:

(Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger celebrating the classical Roman liturgy with the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter in Germany in 1999. Courtesy of Recta Ratio.)

May I recommend as a prayer the Litany of Saints. (Both the English edition and Latin/Greek edition are there.)

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