Saturday, March 17, 2018

Photopost Request: Passiontide Veils 2018

Our next photopost series will be of your churches with the Crosses, statues and paintings veiled for Passiontide; please send your pictures to for inclusion. Be sure to include the name and location of the church, and always feel free to add any other information you think important. (We will follow this up with photoposts of Palm Sunday and the other major ceremonies of Holy Week.)

Last year, the response to this request was just tremendous, and we received so many pictures that we wound up making four separate posts of them, with 115 photographs from over 50 different churches from all over the world! This was a record, one which we will, of course, be very happy to see matched or broken. Whenever we make these requests, we always include a photo from the previous year’s post on the same subject, but since each of the four had at least one thing that was unique about it, we will take the opportunity to look back on all four.

From Part 1: putting up the veils at the church of St Joseph in Singapore
From Part 2: An altar piece with its wings closed for Passiontide, an extremely common custom in the Middle Ages; from the Ordinariate church of St John the Baptist in Bridgeport, Pennsylvania.
From Part 3: Mass at the FSSP’s church in Lyon, France, the Collegiate Church of St Just, celebrated in the Dominican Rite by members of the Fraternity of St Vincent Ferrer. The processional Cross is used at the singing of the Gospel, and of course, veiled for the season.
From Part 4: The cathedral of St Nicholas in Noto, Sicily has maintained the custom of covering the whole back of the church with a very large monochrome veil, painted with an image of Crucifixion.

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