Saturday, March 24, 2018

Photopost Request: Palm Sunday 2018

We are not quite finished with our photos of Passiontide veils (I will do the last of the four posts later today), and Holy Week is already upon us! Please send photos of your Palm Sunday services, whether in the OF or EF, Ordinariate or any Eastern Rite, etc., to; don’t forget to include the name and location of the church, and any other information you think important.

I would also ask people as much as possible to send the pictures as zipped files, which are a lot easier to process, and to size them down so that the smaller dimension is around 1500 pixels.

Since we will have a lot more photoposts to do fairly soon, make sure you send them no later than Holy Tuesday, so we can post on Spy Wednesday. Requests will be posted for the rest of Holy Week and Easter fairly soon. Evangelize through beauty!

From the second of last year’s two Palm Sunday photoposts: a sea of palms in front of the church of Our Lady of the Pillar, in   Alaminos, Laguna, in the Philippines.

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