Thursday, March 22, 2018

Follow-Up on Tuesday’s Cassock Post

On Tuesday, I reposted an item from the French blog Le Salon Beige about a fund-raising poster produced by four French dioceses, in which the cassock of a young priest was photoshopped out, very ineptly, to make it appear that he was wearing jeans instead. (Young People™ think jeans are COOL!!) This was also picked up by the Catholic Herald. In the meantime, someone with a good eye for detail noted in our combox that the young man taking the photo is wearing a Polo jacket, the logo of which was also removed: a very Soviet gesture, if there ever was one. (A friend of mine made the joke on Facebook that the Church will soon need to put Photoshop on the Index of Forbidden Software.)

Well, it turns out that both of these photos are fake, and the photoshopping was done to hide the fact that the good Father is a Cleveland Browns’ fan!

(Thanks for Mr Tim Clark for permission to reproduce this joke, which is just a joke; Mr Clark is himself a Browns’ fan, as was my father all his life!)

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