Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Report from the Catholic Artists Society: Solemn Vespers and Lecture on Beauty

The Catholic Artists Society, as recently mentioned, hosted Fr. U.M. Lang for a lecture on the topic of "Art, Beauty and the Sacred", also celebrating the Solemn First Vespers of All Saints in the Dominican Church of St. Vincent Ferrer in Manhattan.

Fr. Lang's full talk is available here for download (you may also stream the talk off the website of the Catholic Artists Society), as are the Vespers, the homily and Benediction.

In his talk, Fr. Lang "outlined the fundamental aspects of Catholic teaching on art and beauty, and pointed out important distinctions in the nature and purpose of works of secular, religious and sacred art." Father Bruno Shah, O.P., in his homily preached "that 'beauty lifts the veil of time', and that 'the Christian artist is encouraged to take on an intercessary work for the world' and 'to manifest a true commitment to holiness.'"

Here also are a few photos from the Solemn Vespers portion of the evening.

Do make certain to listen to the audio recordings that have been made available.

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