Monday, November 14, 2011

More from the Church of St. Agnes in Amsterdam

We recently mentioned that Cardinal Burke celebrated a Solemn Pontifical Mass at Sint Agneskerk in Amsterdam. Some video footage has been made available now which I thought would interest our readers.

(A second and third video are also available.)

While we're at it however, I couldn't resist showing the following additional video taken in October 2011 which shows a more "routine" Mass at Sint Agneskerk. 'Routine' insofar as it is a Missa Cantata on a "green" Sunday, but the point being that even within that context, one is struck by the great beauty and nobility we find here; a Romanitas expressed by way of the chants, of the ornaments, and the liturgical architecture, most especially the altar and ciborium magnum. Absolutely splendid.

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