Wednesday, November 16, 2011

1770 Missa Gothica seù Mozarabica: The Edition of Mozarabic Missal Printed in Mexico

As a brief addendum to our recent Mozarabic piece, and of course to our recent quiz, some of you might find the following edition of the Mozarabic Missal rather interesting. It was published in 1770 and is titled the Missa Gothica seù Mozarabica, but what is interesting about this particular edition of the Mozarabic missal -- to me at least -- is that it was published not in Rome, Paris, or other usual places for altar missal printing in Europe, but rather in Mexico.

It is a very nice edition to say the least, one which I confess to coveting for the NLM liturgical library.

I would be remiss to not note to our readership that this particular copy of this Missal is actually coming up for auction.

All photographs copyright Dorothy Sloan Rare Books. Reprinted with permission.

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