Wednesday, May 25, 2011

St. Pancras School and Parish Mass Celebrated in Ruins of Former Priory

The following photos were sent to the NLM of Mass offered on the feast of St. Pancras, May 12th, celebrated within the ruins of the Cluniac Priory of St. Pancras, Lewes -- which was dissolved and destroyed by Thomas Cromwell in the late 1530s.

The celebrant was Fr. Richard Biggerstaff, parish priest of St. Pancras (whose website, incidentally, speaks of a parish of Benedict's new liturgical movement, showing prominently a picture of Mass offered in the usus antiquior as well as other photos showing other "Benedictine" liturgical marks such as the "Benedictine arrangement").

Along with parishioners of that parish, children from the parish school of St. Pancras also assisted at the Mass which was offered ad orientem and in the ordinary form.

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