Thursday, May 12, 2011

Antiphon lately

The first number of Antiphon volume 15 (2011) has just been published and mailed to subscribers. It is exceptional in that it is topical, focusing on the Rituale Romanum, the set of liturgical books providing for the administration of the sacraments, sacramentals, blessings, and certain other ceremonies. It consists chiefly of papers delivered at the 2011 General Conference of the Society for Catholic Liturgy:

  • Fr. Neil J. Roy, "The Development of the Roman Ritual: A Prehistory and History of the Rituale Romanum"
  • Fr. Uwe Michael Lang, "Theologies of Blessing: Origins and Characteristics of De Benedictionibus (1984)"
  • Dr. Daniel G. Van Slyke, "Toward a Theology of Blessings: Agents and Recipients of Benedictions"
  • Dr. Jennifer Donelson, "The Sacramentality of Sound: The Blessing of Bells and Olivier Messiaen's Conception of Musica sacra"
  • Dr. Michael P. Foley, "Rituale Romanum: Fulfilling the Jots and Tittles"
Annual subscriptions (which begin each year with the first number) in the United States are $20; in Canada, $26; and elsewhere, $28. (Institutional rates: $28 U.S.; $37 Canada; $40 elsewhere.) Back issues are available for $7 each. Please send check or money order payable to "The Society for Catholic Liturgy" to Antiphon Subscriptions, P.O. Box 10, New Hope, Kentucky 40052.

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