Monday, May 23, 2011

Norcia Republishes Chanted Latin Table Blessings Booklet: Benedictiones Mensae

Some of our readers may be interested in the following, attractive and well produced 55 page booklet put out by the Monastery of San Benedetto, Norcia.

The Benedictiones Mensae are the sung Latin table prayers as used in the Roman and monastic usage.

From the monastery: "This edition has been out of print for many years, and monastic and religious communities will be in particular happy to know that it is once again in print. Besides the blessings for lunch and dinner, also included are the traditional variations for major feasts and seasons (including the Triduum, according to the revision of Pius XII)."

The publication is made using high quality paper, a sewn binding and laminated pages to help make this endure the years.

The booklet is available for 5 EUR (4 EUR a copy when 10 or more are ordered) or $7 USD ($5 USD when 10 of more are purchased).

To order, send an email to the Norcia gift shop:

A view inside

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