Monday, May 30, 2011

Contemporary Ecclesiastical Caricatures from France

I recently ran across the following contemporary ecclesiastical caricatures by Jehanne Petiau which were designed and created for the newsletter of the Eglise Saint-Pierre de Nancy, La Barrette. (This church, incidentally, is one we have shown you before, back in 2008.)

Those who have been involved in serving at the altar for any length of time are likely to understand and appreciate the humour.

"The cérémoniaire must always be prepared to react!"

"Sunday congestion at the door of the sacristy."

"An accident is always possible."

Pictures used with permission.

* * *


The tradition of the art of caricature, the editorial cartoon and the like is something which I think should be explored further within our own particular context -- by which I mean not only Catholic printed journals but also the digital medium, including blogs. These have a certain charm, humour, and can also provide powerful commentary in some instances -- indeed, they are sometimes more powerful than words.

In point of fact this is a possibility I have explored for this site in the past and it is one I am still interested in. Accordingly, if we have any artists who would like to consider submissions to the NLM for possible publication, based around themes pertinent to the NLM, I would certainly be very interested to receive those proposals, or to simply discuss the matter further.


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