Monday, September 07, 2009

New Foundations in Spain and Brazil

The Spanish Fraternity of Christ the Priest announces that its male religious branch has been canonically erected as the Public Clerical Association of the Brothers of the Fraternity of Christ the Priest and St. Mary the Queen (Hermanos de la Fraternidad de Cristo Sacerdote y Santa María Reina) some months ago within the Archdiocese of Toledo by the then Primate Archbishop and now Prefect of the CDWDS, Cardinal Antonio Cañizares.

The brothers will help in the parish of Santo Tomé and in the church of the Saviour where Mass in the usus antiquior will be celebrated daily, as well as the canonical Hours and Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament. Yesterday morning, in the church of the Saviour, Mgr. Juan Miguel Ferrer, new Second Undersecretary of the CDWDS and apparently still acting Vicar General of Toledo, presided over the Taking of the Habit and Profession of the Founder of the Fraternity, D. Manuel Folgar, who thus became part of the new Public Clerical Association of the Brothers of the Fraternity. Here are some pictures (more here):

From the Spanish language blog Divinas Vocaciones Religiosas comes more welcome news: In the Brazilian diocese of Braganca Paulista (province of Sao Paulo), a new Benedictine monastery of diocesan right has been founded in 2008. The Benedictines of the Crucified celebrate both forms - ordinary and extraordinary - of the Roman Rite.

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