Friday, September 18, 2009 Strong Request for Liturgical Books in Latin

In today's newsletter from, a well known Catholic bookseller rooted in Rome, and which sells the Vatican publishing house offerings as well as those of a number of the Pontifical univerisities in Rome, they make the following interesting note (the English is a bit rough):

Use of Latin in the liturgical life of the church gets stronger

On the top of the bestsellers this months two books for latin liturgy,
the Missale Romanum Editio Typica Tertia ( and the Breviarium Romanum (

This demonstrates that Latin, the customary language of the Roman Catholic Church, is well accepted as appropriate in the liturgies of the contemporary church.

Since around the time of the motu proprio, Summorum Pontificum, it has not been infrequent to have seen the Latin liturgical books amongst the top sellers at this Roman firm, and it is both interesting and encouraging to see that trend continue, including with regard to the modern Roman liturgical books.

Perhaps we might take this as yet another signpost of the continuing influence and growth of the Benedictine revival.

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