Thursday, September 24, 2009

Forthcoming Book Release: William Durand, On the Clergy and Their Vestments

The following title is set to come out sometime in the coming months from the University of Scranton Press. I believe many of our readers will be interested in the release, and accordingly, I wished to share a preview of the book with you, as well as the description of its contents which comes from the back cover.


A New Translation of Books 2-3 of the Rationale divinorum officiorum

Translated and with an Introduction by Timothy M. Thibodeau

William Durand (1230 – 1296) wrote his Rationale divinorum officiorum while he was bishop of Mende, France. It became one of the most influential works of Medieval Christianity. His substantive and comprehensive explication of rituals, symbolism, architecture, and the roles of the different religious participants, remains to this day one of the most important works ever written on medieval worship. Timothy Thibodeau’s clear and careful translation is superlative. Likewise, Thibodeau’s introductory essay is an excellent elucidation of medieval liturgical exposition. Medievalists, Church historians, and theologians will want this volume for their libraries. With the widespread revival of interest in liturgical reform and liturgical history among Catholic scholars in many fields, Thibodeau’s translation will be a welcome resource.

Timothy M. Thibodeau is professor of history at Nazareth College, Rochester , NY.

Speaking for my own part, I will be particularly interested to read the introductory essay that is mentioned in the above description.

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