Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Catena Aurea: Golden Chain of St. Thomas Aquinas

While not strictly liturgical, there is little doubt that this release from Preserving Christian Publications will be of interest to many NLM readers. Priests may find it useful as an additional homiletic resource, and others might use it to dig deeper into the liturgical readings of the day.

I am speaking of news of the re-issue of the Catena Aurea compiled by St. Thomas Aquinas and edited by the Venerable John Henry Newman.

Most will no doubt be familiar with the fact that the Catena Aurea, or "Golden Chain", is a compilation of the commentaries made by a number of the Fathers of the Church on the particular passages of the Four Gospels.

Here is how the Catholic Encyclopedia describes the work:

"The work contains a series of passages selected from the writings of the various Fathers, arranged in such order that the texts cited form a running commentary on the Gospels."

The set is comprised of four volumes, one for each Gospel, having a total of 2840 pages. It costs $118.00 USD.

For further information or to order: Catena Aurea: Golden Chain of St. Thomas Aquinas

A copy is on the way to me and I will comment further on this reprint once it arrives.

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