Thursday, September 24, 2009

Anglo-Saxon Discovery in Staffordshire

I came across this story by way of Fr. Raymond Blake who did a post on it on his blog earlier today.

The story relates to an incredible archeological find in Staffordshire, England, which has unearthed -- quite literally -- a treasure trove of 1300 year old Anglo-Saxon items, more than 1500 items in fact, inclusive of crosses that may have been altar or processional crosses.

Also of interest are items which include Latin biblical inscriptions.

Scanning the various photographs of some of the items discovered, one cannot fail to be impressed by the beauty of the zoomorphic designs found on so many of the items.

To the right one can see one of the crosses which had been bent, and an artist's depiction of what it may have looked like originally.

To read the full story, visit the The Daily Mail Online: Staffordshire hoard: Amateur treasure hunter finds Britain's biggest haul of Anglo-Saxon gold

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