Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Raúl Berzosa: An Update

Last November, NLM introduced readers to Raúl Berzosa, a contemporary Spanish artist whose paintings in the confraternity chapel at Málaga, Spain, were featured on that post. Señor Berzosa has just sent me photos of two new allegorical oil paintings which were hung in the sanctuary of the same chapel last Friday: "The Triumph of the Church over Sin" and "The Triumph of the Eucharist over Idolatry." Herewith, for your possible interest:

Interestingly, in the "Triumph of the Church" (left), the allegorical figure of the Church looks very much like Our Lady. I expect that was quite deliberate, given that Mary is both the perfect image of the Church and the image of the Church perfected.

Sr. Berzosa is in the middle.

The paintings grace the "north" and "south" walls of the apse. On the ceiling is "The Glorification of God's Name," also Berzosa's.

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