Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Renovations: Sacred Heart, Lombard, Illinois

I have often noted that renovation posts beget other renovation posts, and our earlier view of Fr. Ray Blake's ongoing renovations resulted in the NLM being notified of some renovations also occurring at the parish of Sacred Heart in Lombard, Illinois.

The renovations are being undertaken in conjunction with architect Duncan Stroik whose excellent work NLM readers are more than familiar with.

The renovations include some very exciting details, most significantly, the redesign of the altar and the inclusion of a ciborium magnum -- something which is, wonderfully, very often seen in Stroik's work.



Duncan Stroik details the project on his website. He notes that the new altar will be marble and will feature red marble panels and a cast bronze relief of the Eucharistic symbol of the pelican.

The ciborium magnum will include marble Corinthian columns that will incorporate designs of the crown of thorns and Passion flower.

The sanctuary will also be raised higher than the current sanctuary.

The project will also include a new marble stand on which the tabernacle will be placed, a new wood ambo and sedilia, and other elements as well.

Here is a closer view of the new altar and its ciborium.

We have noted on the NLM many times before that the revival of the ciborium magnum within our liturgical architecture is a particularly desirable feature for parish designs and renovations. It not only provides the altar with the emphasis and clear centrality that it merits, it also provides for present liturgical laws and norms.

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