Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Usus Antiquior in Latin America

It is often said that the Extraordinary Form is primarily of interest to Europe and North America. While it is certainly to be hoped that the restoration of the sacred, of which the diffusion of the usus antiquior is a very important part, becomes more wide-spread outside these areas, it is simply not true that there is no interest in other parts of the world.

As an example, here are some images of recent Masses in the Extraordinary Form in Latin America (taken from the excellent site of Una Voce Málaga):

Parish of Mary Mother of the Church, La Florida, Santiago de Chile, Chile:

Parish of St. Stephen, Puente Alto, Santiago de Chile, Chile:

Parish of St. Thérèse, Guayaquil, Ecuador:

Chapel of the Holy Face, Mar del Plata, Argentina:

Parish of St. John the Baptist of Tauape, Fortaleza, Brazil:

Chapel of St. Peter the Apsotle, Guadalajara, Mexico:

Parish of St. Roch, Buenos Aires, Argentina:

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