Friday, October 17, 2008

Reforming the Reform: Parishes that lead the Way

I have spoken before in the past of parishes that lead the way in reforming the reform. We all know the most familiar one's: the London Oratory, the Birmingham Oratory, the Oxford Oratory, the Toronto Oratory; St. Agnes in Minnesota, the Church of Our Saviour in New York City, St. Mary's and Prince of Peace in South Carolina all come to mind.

Another one, who recently sent in pictures in response to the NLM call for news and updates from parishes seeking to implement the first stages of the reform of the reform turned up this:

Here are some pictures of Saint John the Evangelist in Stamford, CT... These are pictures are from the Novus Ordo, and are actually about three years old. The noon mass at Saint John the Evangelist has been Ad Orientem for quite some time, with absolutely splendid music... we are blessed to have Scott Turkington. The pictures happen to be from a wedding, but this is how mass is every Sunday at the 12 o'clock mass. Scores of servers, beautiful vestments, plenty of polyphony and chant, impressive amounts of incense, etc.

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