Thursday, October 23, 2008

Winter Chant Intensive, San Diego

The first Chant Intensive--four days of detailed instruction in chant--occurred last summer, and the result has stunned many people. Most everyone of the 50 is now singing in a schola and many are directing newly founded scholas in parishes that haven't had Gregorian chant in many decades. The success of the program shows that while weekend workshops are fine for giving people a taste of the glories of this music, it is not enough to actually prepare people for leadership roles in Church music.

The Intensive format, on the other hand, gives people the confidence they need to be a leader or a director, and actually make possible a push into chant in a parish, with both the musical and intellectual skill that is necessary.

Hence, the CMAA is sponsoring the Winter Chant Intensive at the University of San Diego, California, January 5-9, 2009. Based on the extraordinary success of the Summer Intensive in Chicago, this Intensive takes place on a sunny and gorgeous campus.

Scott Turkington (Stamford Schola Gregoriana) has an international reputation as chant master, with specialization in the Solesmes tradition. He is the author of The Gregorian Chant Masterclass, and a marvelous teacher with singers of all skill levels. You will study Gregorian chant with him for four full days and be under his direction for a Mass at week’s end. His classes are famously engaging, with the teacher assisting students of all ages to make a contribution.

The chant intensive structure permits students to live and breath the art of chant like no other program under the warmth of the San Diego sun. You will begin with the basics but move on into a detailed exploration of the wonderful world of modes, interpretation of neumes, rhythm, and the style required by chant. Special sessions cover chironomy (conducting) and the fine art of pointing and singing the Psalms.

The program is limited to 50. Register here.

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