Monday, October 27, 2008

Further Information on the Consecration of Churches

The NLM recently reported upon the consecration of Old St. Patrick's Oratory and gave a little explanation of the ceremony of a cross being inscribed with the Latin and Greek alphabets.

Very often today this takes the form of a cross being put in the front and centre of the church, as was shown in this image:

It was mentioned that the form of this is as follows:

However, there is another scale of this which I hadn't mentioned, but which I will now due to the work of Fr. Sean Finnegan of Valle Adurni who dug up a photo of it.

Another form this takes is that the cross is made to span the entire interior floor of the church, from the entrance up to the sanctuary. Here is an image of this:

(Thanks to Fr. Sean Finnegan again for finding this.)

There are two forms this might take:

The photo above of St. George's Cathedral takes the latter form.

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